Thursday, September 30, 2010


Forensic anthropology is the examination of skeletal remains. This examination can be used to first determine if the remains are in fact human. Then the forensic anthropologist can determine the gender, approximate age, physical stature, and likely racial affiliation of the person in life. The examination can also yield approximate time since death, likely cause of death and any identifying illnesses or wounds suffered in life that could leave traces in the bone structure. This information can then be used to help identify the remains.

Forensic archaeology uses classic archaeological means for the systematic recovery of buried remains and other artifacts of the burial. Information can also be gleaned by the analysis of pollen, soil, seeds, and insects excavated from the site. These are all recovered and documented if archaeological training is used.

The main factors used in forensic studies are:

  • Osteology, the study of bones
  • Dentition, the study of teeth
  • Ethnobotany, the study of plant remains and pollen

  • Dentition is the study of tooth remains. The analysis of dental remains can be used for several aspects of forensic anthropology. Dentition is used in conjunction with osteology for determination of age, sex, and diet.

    In an adult human there are 32 teeth. On each side of upper and lower jaw (a quadrant) there are 2 incisors, 1 canine, 2 premolars and 2 or 3 molars (depending of wisdom teeth). In children there are 20 teeth. The breakdown is 2 incisors, 1 canine and 2 molars in each quadrant.

    Ethnobotany is the study of pollen and plant remains from the past. This is used in forensic anthropology to help determine the time since death. It is also used to help determine the diet from an archaeological site.

    Uses of Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology

    As the prevalence of violent crimes increases, so does the need and use of forensic anthropology and archaeology. The archaeological exhumination of buried remains has been very helpful in many investigations and the information that can be learned through forensic anthropology has identified victims throughout the world. Not only has it been used in the U.S. and England for criminal investigation but it can also be used in situations with mass burials such as Yugoslavia, some South American countries, such as Guatemala and Argentina, and World War II concentration camps.

    Criminal investigations are not the only use for this type of study. Information can be learned about past cultures(i.e. the burial practices) which can lend itself to understanding the likely social organization and sex differentiations in the culture. Forensic anthropology has been used for this purpose in the study of the Anasazi of the Southwestern United States. Another feature that can be examined with forensic anthropology is the health and diet of a culture. There are certain diseases that cause physical changes in the skeletal structure of humans. If signs of these diseases are found the general health of the society can be found. Also, the average age at death can be used to infer societal health. Some of the diseases are caused by a lack in nutrition, such as iron deficiency anemia, thus researchers are able to determine if the culture was receiving the proper nutrition in their diet. Another test for diet involves the use of atomic isotopes in the skeleton. This test is not a definitive answer as to what was eaten but it is useful in conjunction with other studies. Thus forensic anthropology/archaeology is not only useful in criminal investigations, but also in archaeological studies.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Remember how you made me crazy ♥?

I wonder if it was a dream

Remember how you made me crazy?
Remember how I made you scream
Now I don’t understand what happened to our ♥

Saturday, September 25, 2010

pretty relevant

When i was four and above, i was into you know,
barbie (s), wrestling, hello kitties, Pb and J otter and cute things.

My bibik was my bestfriend,
Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys was my crush and the Opah next door was my full time nemesis.
This was when i still lived in KL

I remembered having to watch TV all day as my homework and sleeping and dare i say this,
peeing in my bed as my daily routine.
God, you'd slap me if you were my bibik or also known as the bestfriend.

Anyway, remember the shampoo ad when we were little?
The Carrie Junior ad where the kid bathe and this huge cute elephant came out and played with him and shit?
Yeah, i kinda fell for that one.

I cried and cried when i bathe cos there were no huge cute pink elephant to play with in my bathroom.
And i am telling you this because i just saw the exact same commercial on TV just now.
AND! now my friend told me,
'Iklan ni tahpape tah, macam la ada orang percaya, orang stupid percaya la kan Alia hihihi'

Yes, i feel like bashing him

Friday, September 17, 2010


Yeahhh!As semester is near its end, so come the final exams.. Then I'll have to hell myself.DAMN, I still haven't do my revision yet

My first paper starts at Sept20 (Monday) and the last paper at Sept29 (Next Wednesday).
Got 7 papers total.



Thursday, September 16, 2010

luahan hati..mood:emo(-.=)

okay hari ni cakap melayu asli tulen penuh!mcmana kalau dalam hidup korg semua ada 1 bnd korg rasa mcm menyesal GILAAAAAA.pastu korang rasa mcm hidup dah xbermakna sbb benda bodoh yg korg buat tu.mcm tu lah aku raseee :,(
kdg2 aku boleh trime la smue ni jd tp bila sorg2 je mesti aku rasa terkilan sbb benda2 bodoh2 ni
smlm aku IM mbr skolah mngh aku,nama dia S,pastu dia tu mcm cool la jgk bab2 bg nasihat
positive je.dia ckp klau ikutkan buat apa nk menyesal sbb bila menyesal bnd tu buat kita susah hati
bawak beban.hidup ni x blh beban2.dia ckp klau ikutkan dia lg la byk bnd nk nyesal tp buat ape nak beban2
then bila aku dgr aku rse betul jugak.maybe dah tertulis bnd tu mmg nk jd cuma aku xtau kenapa benda2 tu jd smpai buat aku jugak yg sedih smpai skrg.ikutkan aku ni ramah,ramah la jugak tp bila aku rapat dgn some1 tu kdg2 aku igtkan org tu akan faham aku.mungkin dia faham tp angin aku ni cm gile sgt.aku ni bkn sng ckp maaf.sng ckp aku ni ego gila la.nyesal aku laa:(
tp menyesal pun x guna.jadi,aku menangis la sepuas hati utk meleraikan segalanya.kalau ikut kan angin badan aku ni mmg x menentu.xde sapa tahan aku rase..aku malu jugak la dgn perangai aku,kdg2 cuba berubah tp kdg2 menjadi.klau dulu aku cm bodoh gile sbb siakan seseorg yg aku baik gila kot and perfect sgt dkt mata aku tp sb perangai aku and angin badan aku yg xmenentu ni.sng ckp aku x fikir dgn rasional pn bila nk cakap time aku tgh marah ke xsedap hati ke ape2 je la yg berkaitan dgn hati.kiranya aku ni bengong jugak la.jadi,habis la smue kisah aku yg 1 je la 1 bnd yg mmg buat aku sedih dan menyesal spnjg hdup.ksian jugak kwn2 aku jd mgsa dgr kesedihan aku.menyesal aku sbb buatkan diri aku jd bodoh xreti pendam mslh sndri.SUMPAH!kepada mbr2 yg aku ada cte masalah maaf sgt2.aku ni kdg2 mmg gile pun sbb ikut sgt perasaan.aku menyesal.harap korg terima je la kemaafaan aku.aku cuba ubah.insya-Allah.:)aku pun xsgka aku boleh buat ayat mcmni tibe2.pelik aku.SERIUS.mcm pelikkkk apsal
ah ape2 lah.jujur semuanya
okay la sampaidisinisaja.jumpa kemudian hari.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

its aidilfitri babe...

I've been using the word 'tired' rather a lot lately. Oh yes, I'm tired of being considerate. You know the feeling where you just feel unappreciated and the other party has the guts to say you're the one that has never appreciated whatever he/she has done. I fine that extremely funny.
I've never ever talked or said a thing about this. Cause I didn't really care. But obviously things have blewn out of proportion. I'm not mad. I don't feel a thing, in fact. I just feel like sharing. Everyone knows at a certain point, the turning point changes people. You've changed. I've changed.
Everyone has changed. For better or for worse, only God knows. I'm the klutz that falls easily, get hurts easily, get fooled easily. You're the big hero/heroine, right ? If all this means that I'll lose my friend but then things will get back to normal, by all means I'd rather lose this friend.
We're old enough to think of what's right and what's wrong. Lifes a bumpy road. This is the part of the road where there are just too many bumpers on it. I'm sorry if I've ever made you feel neglected, left out or anything. Was never my intention to make you feel that way. But like I said before,
Everything changes. And in the end, its not about who's winning and who's losing the battle. Its not even a battle. A true and honest friendship is definitely hard to find. Sometimes, you may think this is what you call true friends, when it actually is not.

I don't hate you. I never will.

Just remember, You'll always be my friend. You can hate me, for all I care. It doesn't matter anymore. I guess I just feel grateful now. I'm happy, and I hope you are too.
I'm sorry, thanks.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teenage dream

I spent my 4 whole days during this hols as a teen doing absolutely zilch and being quite unproductive in general. I'm thinking if I was a bit smarter, I should have got off my lazy ass and do something better such as STUDY-ing,HELP-ing my mom or etc

This is what I did for the whole 4 days
I didnt slept at night as I cant sleep and I dont know why:/
then I slept after my Subuh prayer then I woke up at 2 or 3 or 4pm,I took my bath
after that,I slept again and again until 6pm
I watched Tv and suddenly,BUKAK PUASA
Gosh Terrible
im just tired and hey,=.-


happy holiday ! :D cant wait for raya! but i need to study for my final exams. God. im so scared.

oh try listening to Katy Perry-Teenage Dream. I swear to god the song is so sweet! I had been listening to it for 6 or 7 times already. haha.and mum already told me,'kurangkan makan sikit klau nk kurus la'yeaahh Im gettin fat(SERIOUS) but I just dont care
As a matter of FACT im a happy fat girl(Lols)
ANDDD I lied,Im not Happy
Im so boring now

k bye

Saturday, September 4, 2010

hi Im Alia the loser

I've approved people randomly. I'm a bimbo. My mouth always open wide. Dude, I'm no skinny model ANTM. Im fat,dark,and short.I'm not perfect. I'm not every guys dream and I dont care.Im not live in this world because of MEN.But I know one thing in mind, and there's always changes in life.

I'm starting to realize that I did so much wrong doings in my life. And I know that I didn't play hard to get over something that I wanted so much. So, this is just a simple brief for you to know all I wanted to do or to get during present and future :)

1. Get good grades
2. Enjoy life as time running, life is too short
3. Never skip class anymore.(lols)
4. Pray more.
5. Quick fooling around
6. Start to act serious in life.
7. Don't blame others for my own mistakes
8. Get rid of negatives and begin new positive.
9.Work out on my abs(Haha)
10. Start to act serious in life.