Sunday, November 28, 2010

I dont wanna fall another moment into your gravity

Its funny when I read back my old blog posts, it's kinda emotional rite
Im always said that Im lonely and org blh cakap"hok aloh budak ni sedih2 cm sial macam aku xsedih or whatsoever".HAHA. Some of them, I dont even remember! Anyways, hello guys :)

Yes yes yes, I know this might be once in a blue moon kind of post, but I'm ever lazy. VERY. So just read up once in a while.
So far it almost a month or more Im here,in Nilai.Mid term are coming soon and this kinda worries me because my Psychology lecturer rarely entering our class because she has too many meetings.Urgh what Im gonna dooo?!!-.- okay boring cakap pasal ni like a whole times aku cakap dkt org ramai!!

At the same time, looking at the brightside, I think I'm learning a whole bunch of life skills. Umm, taking public transports, using public telephones, walking ABSURB distances, travelling around nilai and Kay-ell on a flat tires. All that stuff. Useless actually, but who knows what they might bring in the future?

Social wise, I think I'm sort of in a weird place now. I've beginning to make enemies and reality sinks in. There are tonnes of people out there who think I'm sombong, arrogant, bastard, stupid, bla bla bla. As for the sombong part, let me just say that I'm a very shy person :) I'm serious! I'm only crazy around people I know. People whom I'm not close with, I don't feel nice. I feel awkward around them. Thats why I'll be as quiet as a mouse.

For the bastard, insensitive and other, I would just like to say, life is cruel. I can be an ass at times so just deal with it. I can also be nice at times.I can be like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde :D

anyway his theory
I reject his hypothesis tho.

dats all for today
gtg now!kbye

Monday, November 22, 2010


I think relationships are messy and people’s feelings get hurt. Who needs it? We’re young, we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world; might as well have fun while we can and, save the serious stuff for later
— Summer, (500) Days of Summer

i think im gonna be forever alone kind of person. im just tired. tired of waiting. tired of lies. tired of egos. tired of excuses. tired of being sad. tired of everything.

i just want someone to cheer me up now. make me laugh. make me smile.

i think Summer is right. (:

so hi?zzz. oh well, im so bored right now. zorro on my goat kill me.

i HAVE NO idea what to do bout em but I MUST finish em no matter what
urghh:/ but I didnt start anything yet

k bye

Thursday, November 18, 2010

macam tgh blur tp tulis je laaa!

*lama aku x menulis..sbb busy sangat kot lately ni dgn assignments yang bertimbun wlpun aku xde la rajin mana nak siapkan smue2 tu
*rasanya x terlambat lg nk cakap Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha kt smue;)
yaay,at last aku berjaya for the 1st time g smyg raya
klau x,jrg sgt la aku nk bangun pagi2 raya ni
*cuti kejap je 4 days je pun,sobs!!nak CUTI LAGI!!
*sedihkan rasa bila kawan dah xboleh terima kita langsung
apa yang kte buat silap,dia mmg xboleh terima
buat la baik camna pun
macam dia je yang perfect selama ni
tpi at least kita tau,dia mmg utk kita ke x
*bru ni aku dgr 1 ayat,I dont wanna flashback,igt zaman bangang
I wanna look forward
aku mcm setuju dgn smue tu
aku rasa aku xpatut igt benda2 lama
smuenye wasting
what for kita nak igt org yg igt kita pun x
even tegur nak cakap hi or tny khabar pun xde respon
aku rasa maybe dia kenal aku pn xdah
so lets start a new life bebeh!
it almost a year neway and I can survive
*WAJIB:focus study lagi dan lagi
*kurangkan makan??(HAHA)
*tgok movies banyak2
*last but not least,jaga kesihatan!!!(cewah)
*mesti jd lg better dri dulu:)amin

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There this phase in life where nothing goes right. Even the smallest issue becomes a big of a deal. This is the changing phase. It's normal for us to find it really hard to accept the changes occuring around us. And in time, we change too. I have gone through quite a number of situations these past nineteen years. It wasn't all that easy. As a matter of fact, there were just too many incidents that kept on happening. But, I've learned so much. And everything that has happened, I made into life lessons for me to ponder on when I'm at my worst. I think I survived. No bruises, no cuts, no marks anywhere. Just maybe, a few black dots in my heart.

And for these past months, I must be honest, it hasn't been all that great. But, the bad moments are the moments that thought me the most. And the good moments are memories, I shall keep. I can't be more grateful to Allah, for blessing me for everything that I have and that has happened to me. I just hope, whatever happens next year, still makes me the person I am today. I can never change for people. If some think that I'm wrong and some think that I'm right, than which should I follow? I still think it should be me that dictates the flow of my life.

Reflecting yourself in the mirror is a good gesture. Don't just tell others to do it. We, ourselves should do it and look back to the things we have done.

Just, don't judge. It'll get you no where.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

goodbye my luckless romance

guess what, im starting to hate November.

and yeah, November is just another fucked up month. great. and, im gonna get through this, like i always did. this is a challenge from the Al-Mighty. i know it is. and im gonna get through all of this, insyallah. and im gonna be much more stronger, than before.

but somehow, i just wanna go far far away from here and i just dont want to see those kind of faces in my life. ever. again.