Saturday, September 4, 2010

hi Im Alia the loser

I've approved people randomly. I'm a bimbo. My mouth always open wide. Dude, I'm no skinny model ANTM. Im fat,dark,and short.I'm not perfect. I'm not every guys dream and I dont care.Im not live in this world because of MEN.But I know one thing in mind, and there's always changes in life.

I'm starting to realize that I did so much wrong doings in my life. And I know that I didn't play hard to get over something that I wanted so much. So, this is just a simple brief for you to know all I wanted to do or to get during present and future :)

1. Get good grades
2. Enjoy life as time running, life is too short
3. Never skip class anymore.(lols)
4. Pray more.
5. Quick fooling around
6. Start to act serious in life.
7. Don't blame others for my own mistakes
8. Get rid of negatives and begin new positive.
9.Work out on my abs(Haha)
10. Start to act serious in life.