Thursday, February 17, 2011


Why is it so hard to find a true love?

well I guess izit because Im not ready to have a serious relationship
I know love never last forever
so its better live alone than being hurt
okay aku tau tajuk ni sumpah bangang lagi poyo tp this is what me and a few of my friends yg lebih kurg mcm aku banyak cakap pasal ni lately
okay we already 20 and still have no one
I mean at least ada someone close,bf wanna be pn okay but nahh smue failed
tp korg Im cool with it and I hope korg pun cool with it
chill jodoh ada kt mana2 maybe bukan masa terdekat

LOVE is not my priority
okay ni usually my close friends tau la pasal ni
my priority is my family and my career when I get a job soon
I prefer being alone
Im afraid to be in a relationship apa lagi getting married
but this is what I think now maybe not 10 yrs later


I have been in short-term relationships so many times and I cant find any chemistry among us
when I have a crush on someone and that guy also gave me a respond,usually Im not accepting him and hurted him first no matter what
I avoid to be close with him and just be a friend
coz Im afraid I will hurt losing someone that I love
when he goes,I do feel empty for a while and at that moment I do regret it
but at least I know he's not sincere befriend with me because he just wanna to be my someone special not a good friend
this has been happened so many times and I know its my fault for not accept something that is pure called love
if we didnt try maybe we didnt know and I choose not to try
I dont wanna be hurt no matter what


but at last,he met another one
I guess he just cuci mata and choose the best
but there's nothing wrong
aku pun mcm tu kdg2
but yet GUYS are much complicated
however at the same time,he still msg me 'U jual mahal sgt,I penat.I didnt love my gf pn BUT I just dont wanna be alone,I wanna think about my future,I know I will not get you but the truth is I love you' take care love.
whatdahell rite?if u didnt love someone why u asked her to be ur gf
luckily, I didnt accept u coz maybe u just pick me because u tgh boring and alone tho?tp bila tgok dia dgn org lain and bila org tny I thought korg akan couple
then aku akan cakap
oh ya dia hensem,aku buruk so org hensem mmg xsesuai dgn perempuan buruk
igt x org cakap laki hensem pmpn bese2 je tp laki xhensem,pmpn cun
yeah pgg pada konsep itu


then kantoi!ur gf check msg and jaga ur akaun fb
kt IM tu ur gf
SUMPAH aku malas campur time tu
usually I said awal2,sorry i xlayan bf org if u bf orang
he replied,dia xmcm gf i pn,ktrg xmacam kapel
tp dkt wall"i love you,i miss you,Imma crazy about you"
liar.everyday u called me,msg me,gimme a hope but Thank God Im not easily melt
Im though!just so u know
I get it I get it,if Im ur gf,u will find another one behind my back kan

okay I didnt not to say about this but yeah you such a pervert
U wanna girl so that u can show ur 18 SX
where's ur pride?I wonder why kan
guys always wanna a good girl
looked sopan,ala wanita melayu terakhir to make their wives but see?
nowadays its hard to find a good guy!


most of guys I met,we didnt have any chemistry
so nothing will happen la kan

okay habis!boleh gelak kuat2 sb aku start cakap pasal LOVE omg omg
geli sial

Thursday, February 3, 2011

ape2 je lah

okay hari ni aku bangun awal
bajet rajin
aku wat asgmnts psycho and email kt miss maisarah
ptut la dia xreply2 email aku rupanya salah email b4 ni
dah wasting time!ishh
so xtau la aku buat betul or x

yang best hari ni parents aku dtg melawat aku
yes nk suruh belanja makan!anyway nilai sgt aman tanpa org ramai
nk buat ape pun best
1 lg!aku suka CNY sb wlpn aku xceleb tp still dpt ang pau
this yr aku dpt dlm 20o rm
heheh tanx!
okay tu je
Happy CNY to all my chinese friends!byee!