Saturday, September 25, 2010

pretty relevant

When i was four and above, i was into you know,
barbie (s), wrestling, hello kitties, Pb and J otter and cute things.

My bibik was my bestfriend,
Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys was my crush and the Opah next door was my full time nemesis.
This was when i still lived in KL

I remembered having to watch TV all day as my homework and sleeping and dare i say this,
peeing in my bed as my daily routine.
God, you'd slap me if you were my bibik or also known as the bestfriend.

Anyway, remember the shampoo ad when we were little?
The Carrie Junior ad where the kid bathe and this huge cute elephant came out and played with him and shit?
Yeah, i kinda fell for that one.

I cried and cried when i bathe cos there were no huge cute pink elephant to play with in my bathroom.
And i am telling you this because i just saw the exact same commercial on TV just now.
AND! now my friend told me,
'Iklan ni tahpape tah, macam la ada orang percaya, orang stupid percaya la kan Alia hihihi'

Yes, i feel like bashing him