Monday, August 30, 2010

I wont talk I wont breathe


i just feel like writing. i was supposed to study but hahaha pemalasnya aku.

so im now officially on a freakin' diet KOT. yes, im serious this friends already boring here this sooo FAKE statement coming out from my'on people, open your eyes. im fat. extremely FAT

i love to eat. eating is nice. you dont have to think about all the problems. you forget everything for a little while. just chew chew munch munch swallow swallow. easy. but now, i need to hate food. well not hate, just, you know, dont love em that much. k wtf apa ni.

so yeah, drink lots of plain waters, eat healthy, dont eat junk or fast food, eat more fruits and NO vegetables(I HATE VEGIES)yuckss, and lets go for a jog, or at least do some sit ups or anything healthy at home. thats my advice to those who wants to be thin and healthy!

and thats what im going to do, i guess. wish me luck!
tomorrow is holiday
so Happy 53th Birthday Malaysia

k bye!