Saturday, July 31, 2010

some little things

Life is getting better, I started smile again, and laugh at my own jokes. Being sarcastic and all, acting like shits never had been happened. I'm back to the old me, oh good month.August will be a quite busy month.I'm already getting busy, with projects that need to be pass up at the end of August tho, i would never change as a better person, always burn the midnight oil.

Having been sick for most of the past week, I am really bummed. Died of boredom.So,I engaged in a lot of movie-marathons with no real logic or structure. It was pretty much me watching whatever movie I picked off. And inadvertently last night I watched
2.P/s I love u(ma fav)♥
3.10 things I hate about you
4.A lot like Love
5.Dear John


7.Friday the 13th

Oh yeah,C broadband connection sucks.So I bought a new one,M broadband.And and Im afraid of the Basic theme Quran aka BTQ,I think I will not score for this Mid-term since I didnt manage to fill in the blank because I cant remember Quranic verses during the examination day.Luckily its only 20%.So I MUST score for assignments and presentations anddd...for this upcoming final eh and not to forget, memorization of the Surah Al-Furqan verses 66-77 which contribute 10marks for sho.