Tuesday, July 27, 2010

smoulder whisper


yes. thats one word to describe me right now. so many things happened lately. and i'm still on my way accepting the fact that something just happened to me. something which is not good. oh well, just like you said, we need to focus on our studies no?

my right hand is aching..thanks to sociology writing assignments.I just wrote about Social Stratification.I just finished them.Im so happy.I need to submit it personally to my Filipino lecturer,D Gomon.hah!He may ask me anything about this topic.I need to be prepared.

and i hate the fact that i'm becoming a lazy person day by day. i have no idea why. i hate it. when i think about studying, i was so lazy to do so. instead i wasted my time doing stupid stuffs. sometimes i feel scared. i still am tho. its my future I am talking about.but one thing for sure,I think I really want to take IR or Psych. insyaallah. (: