Monday, July 26, 2010

I can feel the static


this week gonna be ok.class as usual although sometimes its kinda boring but at least,friends are always here to cheer me up.and I skipped almost every friday class :P yaya I know I need to break my bad habit

Foinally,Mid-Term examination was already over and I already got my results for a few paper,Alhamdullilah beyond my expectations including arabic subject:) eff yeah, but BUT I need to work harder for quizzes,presentantions and of course 4 the final E.Oh oh,tomorrow my class start at 9.better than 8 rite?heh.and and maybe this 1st of August my sociology group will have a trip to Malacca to make some research about Baba and Nyonya culture.I dont wanna go but for the sake of the project for getting good carry marks and teamwork..yeahh I need to go:/ I have to sacrifice from lepak-ing with my friends on that day.sobs3

oh just so you know, i don't like anyone. i'm not into anyone. i'm not with anyone and i'm not thinking about finding one. random tak? so that some of you, yeah, especially you, would stop doing those bloody faces when you see me. if you want him that bloody much, take him because just so you know, me and him are just friends. ok JUST FRIENDS. tak salah pun kan? hahah ok? (:

but hey im into Rob Steadman. thats for sho.

k bye.