Sunday, November 28, 2010

I dont wanna fall another moment into your gravity

Its funny when I read back my old blog posts, it's kinda emotional rite
Im always said that Im lonely and org blh cakap"hok aloh budak ni sedih2 cm sial macam aku xsedih or whatsoever".HAHA. Some of them, I dont even remember! Anyways, hello guys :)

Yes yes yes, I know this might be once in a blue moon kind of post, but I'm ever lazy. VERY. So just read up once in a while.
So far it almost a month or more Im here,in Nilai.Mid term are coming soon and this kinda worries me because my Psychology lecturer rarely entering our class because she has too many meetings.Urgh what Im gonna dooo?!!-.- okay boring cakap pasal ni like a whole times aku cakap dkt org ramai!!

At the same time, looking at the brightside, I think I'm learning a whole bunch of life skills. Umm, taking public transports, using public telephones, walking ABSURB distances, travelling around nilai and Kay-ell on a flat tires. All that stuff. Useless actually, but who knows what they might bring in the future?

Social wise, I think I'm sort of in a weird place now. I've beginning to make enemies and reality sinks in. There are tonnes of people out there who think I'm sombong, arrogant, bastard, stupid, bla bla bla. As for the sombong part, let me just say that I'm a very shy person :) I'm serious! I'm only crazy around people I know. People whom I'm not close with, I don't feel nice. I feel awkward around them. Thats why I'll be as quiet as a mouse.

For the bastard, insensitive and other, I would just like to say, life is cruel. I can be an ass at times so just deal with it. I can also be nice at times.I can be like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde :D

anyway his theory
I reject his hypothesis tho.

dats all for today
gtg now!kbye