Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There this phase in life where nothing goes right. Even the smallest issue becomes a big of a deal. This is the changing phase. It's normal for us to find it really hard to accept the changes occuring around us. And in time, we change too. I have gone through quite a number of situations these past nineteen years. It wasn't all that easy. As a matter of fact, there were just too many incidents that kept on happening. But, I've learned so much. And everything that has happened, I made into life lessons for me to ponder on when I'm at my worst. I think I survived. No bruises, no cuts, no marks anywhere. Just maybe, a few black dots in my heart.

And for these past months, I must be honest, it hasn't been all that great. But, the bad moments are the moments that thought me the most. And the good moments are memories, I shall keep. I can't be more grateful to Allah, for blessing me for everything that I have and that has happened to me. I just hope, whatever happens next year, still makes me the person I am today. I can never change for people. If some think that I'm wrong and some think that I'm right, than which should I follow? I still think it should be me that dictates the flow of my life.

Reflecting yourself in the mirror is a good gesture. Don't just tell others to do it. We, ourselves should do it and look back to the things we have done.

Just, don't judge. It'll get you no where.