Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I, for who I am, most probably sometimes enjoyed my life for some reasonable reasons, which include the person who made my life is something that isn't to be regret of.

People don't change for I-CAN-CHANGE-WHENEVER-I-WANT-AND-HOWEVER-I-WANT-IT-TO-BE situations. People change for some certain reasons, when things go bad, they became worst. When things getting good, they became a better, much better person.

I'm not too fussy about my life. I love my life, thank you, GOD for making my life is something I treasure the most.

For me, my beloved family and my fellow friends completed my life with joy. I don't need any other man to made my life felt worthless than ever.

There most probably I couldn't not count how many words that exist in this world but I love that person more than anything, I meant by literally anything else in this world.

I'd rather stick simple and not too complex. Because that's the way I kept myself low profile.

LOVE IS COMPLICATION. Real, passionate, romantic love is a complication. Two different genders attached but WILL SOON TO BE separated.

Abstract is realistic, why does abstract exist? Because that's what realistic means.

World isn't black or dull, world is colourful when you create it with happiness.

I USED TO. <- What do you meant by I used to when you did good deeds? Mean you are now doing no good to people at all?

Alia♥ HAPPY RAMADHAN by the wayyyy :)