Friday, August 6, 2010

just gonna stand there and watch me burn

Well, i'm trying to change myself. Maybe into somebody new yet a different person but still the same old me. I'm trying to be more mature and act more feminine. I am too childish and sucks, I'm loud and didn't care what the world says to me as long as I live without any regrets.

I've changed y'knw. I won't be the person who kept on crying over some shit when things go bad. Nawh, I don't. But now I know, things were solved so I have nothing to worry about, it's all up to the person incharge to forgive and forget the past or not. But I did. it's all up to them if they wanna let the past go or not, I'm too fucked up at the moment, I let things off already. The only thing is, I'm not gonna solve things anymore, I'm too tired, I'm not a superhuman or wonderwoman. They are the ones who had to choose to continue with our friendship or not. I have nothing to lose, the most valuable ones are already stick with me through thick and thin. Through days that fly by, through everything. So yeah...