Friday, July 23, 2010

My words and my voice,isn't yours.

Seriously, i'm really lethargic of being bored. I really am hate of myself being so cynical that people hates me back. I'm a bitch, no doubt. I can't get my ass to a better place where I should belong, where else? HELL. Sometimes I wanna says "fuck yo mama fo being so jerk". Idk why, sometimes we had to throw the bads, keep the goods. But i can't, I wanna be a somebody. Who doesn't exist in freaking asshole kind of life you know. I hate fights, Hello, Alia, is so not you. Don't be such a moron. I had no doubt to head off for a new life. I'm not gonna be fully sarcastic, cynical and pessimistic. I'm gonna be a better person after this, just watch.