Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hate you or love you?

The question thats running through my mind right now. Nothing matters because you've already got someone else. What should i do? Move on and smile all day, pretend nothing strikes my heart. Hmm apparently, i dont think so. I tried not to sort of fall for you but it happened without me myself realizing it. Should i scribble all my feelings towards you here? Naah, personal stuffs doesnt require me to explain much here. Despite the fact that you made me fall for you, on the other hand, you're being so nice to me, treating me as if i'm your girlfriend. It got me back to sense when i started thinking, are sort of playing games with my heart? Right now, i'm confuse. I need help. Someone. Please?

btw,sorry if i didnt return any calls or texts from you people. Major sorry. I'm just not in the mood in switching on my phone. Should have just thrown this phone to the wall and let it shattered into pieces to the floor. I'm feeling all angry, eh no, sad, eh no happy. Haha. I speak fluent sarcasm incase you would like to know (: