Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Here we go again

so been busy with finals. and im officially free on next monday because its a MID SEM break!:)
..aaaa i love the smell of freedom. *sniff*

classes,examination was.... urghh. sucks to be me. because studying last minute doesnt even worth a bloody penny. sleepless night, endless cups of nescafes or coffees. eyebags. and my sleeping schedule are going bananas again. syllabus was soo bloody hard this semester. with your smart classmates all over the place but yaay I already got 1 paper and I thought Im gonna fail but yaay I passed,ngee.Its 'something'not so gempak la tapi :(over 20 by the pretty much stressed. oh well, too late. should have studied long time ago. padan muka la. zzz

i havent watch movies for months now. GOD im so outdated. I NEED TO GO OUT.

ok the end!