Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bless my soul

just finished watching quarantine.cerita lamamama
yes, i've been told by my friends that
the ending where everyone is dead,
bodoh. HAHAHA

i guess i've been wasting my time, laughing, shocking like hell, everyone is dead, the ending was pretty frustrating, they should let one of them alive and show all the video, shissh. HAHA

the picture up there takes place when a little cute girl was sick, and then she became zombie and her stupid mother let her go, so bodoh. and screaming "Run Briana Run! Let my daughter go!" HAHAHAHA. and at last her mother died because the zombies ate her alive. really woh.

and the main character, the reporter, was always screaming and shouting and panicking like hell, (if i were her, i would screamed hysterically) HAHAHA, she died at the end because the zombie pulled her and she screamed and then DOT, the end

and its getting more frustrating when a kind a hot firemen who always in action, died at the end, get bitten by one of the zombies. *sigh

and and its kinda funny when theres one of the zombies only wore bra and underwear and shes so skinny like anorexic or something. HAHAHHAA.

ok whttheheck i've been crapping about this movie. bodoh. HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHAHA!

ok gtg, byeee


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