Saturday, August 14, 2010


seriously, these are just random thoughts. enjoy tho. HAHAAAAA

You know how they say the tube spoils the youths’ brains? Guess i would have to agree on that. Watched 3 chick flicks today. Gosh how it made a teenage girl think and dream so much. Those movies, how it made people to fantasise all those perfect proposals, the perfect boyfriend when they, actually do have their own rules, regulations, family traditions. Don’t we all have our own traditions and customs that we should abide? It’s true how the cable makes people wonder and ponder all kinds of stuff that doesn’t even makes sense. It gives people false hope. False dream. False everything. It’s a con. It’s horrible. But i guess it is normal for a normal human being to actually feel lonely. I guess it does feel good when there’s somebody that we know tht will always be be there in case of these kind of situation happens, you know, being left alone. You could just text a person. Or if that person’s kind enough, he or she’ll will give you a call of perhaps make sure you’re feeling okay. Or maybe say, ‘’if you need anything, i’ll be here’’. Sometimes it’s good to hear someone is actually being worried over you. Asking you whether you had lunch or are you doing okay there by yourself. Even a simple reassurance when we said we’re okay seems to mean everything to a person. Does everyone really do feel that, or it’s just me being all emotional and redundant? HAHA hey, blame the chick flicks. Sometimes it feels good if there’s a friend that you could hang on to. Through every situation regardless of what the consequences might come out to be. I know it’s impossible, what else at this kind of age. Some people may think that boyfriends are the best solution for this. I might say that i wouldn’t completely disagree on this. It just feels good sometimes. To know that there’s always this person who’d be the one to catch you when you’re falling down. Oh i know, you’d be asking, what about family? Don’t they matter? Of course they do. But what happens when they’re the one who made us feel that we’re in some kind of 100feet hole underground and there’s nowhere else to escape? What happens where they’re the one that we’re hoping to seek help, but they’re not there to ask help from. What happens when the only person you misses the most isn’t there to help you? You’re alone, with no one to call, no one to ask help, no kind of transportation. Scream all you care. No one would be there for you. What will you do? Will you wait? But for how long? Is it considered as exaggerating if i say that that particular person would feel there’s a huge hole in his or her heart that she’s been longing to fill it with something valuable? Something that matters. Something that could be cherished even if the moment or that thing had long gone. When that happens, there’s no other way but to do the only thing that any human being can do. One thing that he or she should have done first, which is to seek help to god. But what happens when that doesn’t help? That doesn’t work out? Keep trying, keep asking, keep begging Him. don’t lose hope, He’ll always be there. But sometimes a person could miss Him so much that the person would give Him everything just to feel that exact feeling again. That same feeling of peace, tranquillity, that feeling of being secured by Him. All those feelings when we cld feel tht we’re so close to Him. what had happen? How could that feeling have slipped away? What have that person done that it seems now that the feeling is so far away. And when that wrong feeling starts to take over, everything just doesn’t seem right. Oh how that person would give his own life just to get that feeling again. That feeling that we’re always being watched over. but everyone knows He still does. He will always do that. But we’re human. That person could have never escaped from making all kinds of mistakes in life. All the turns that person had made. All kinds of unanswered questions that are constantly being flowing from that person’s mind. Could that person get that feeling back? That person could, if that person tries the best she or he could. I guess that person is afraid. Afraid that everything that she or he does may not be accepted. But there’s no excuse to stop trying, right?

See what i mean when i said watching telly makes people think all kinds of stuff. It gives human being all sorts of idea that sometimes could come out to be something good, but most of the time; it goes the other way around. Ask my mom and dad, they would have agreed on this. Guess there’ll always be ideas and unanswered questions coming out from our minds every single second and every single minute of life. So what are we left to do? Guess it’s up to us to find our own answers. Find our own resolutions. Even if nothing seems to bring us the answer, there’s always Him for us to seek answer from. Have faith in whatever we do, have faith in Him. After all, He is the one who knows everything.